13:34 Church of Christianity

Welcome to 13:34 - a new Positive, Loving Church of Jesus

13:34 Church of Christianity, (named after John 13:34) is now offering services and prayer in central Baton Rouge, and was formed from a need for a welcoming, loving, and positive Christian experience, teaching the words and lessons of Jesus.

If you want to be closer to God, learn more about the positive plan He has in store for you, and work to improve your daily interactions, making them more inline with Jesus' commandment (John 13:34) - then we welcome you at 13:34 Church.

13:34 offers an engaging, exciting, and joyful Sunday service, every week. Join us.  Experience a spiritual home and family that many say they have been looking for, all their lives.  

13:34 Church...
  • A positive place, believing in an ever-loving, ever welcoming God, who loves all His children.
  • Believes Jesus shows us how to treat others as we wish to be treated.
  • Believes a church service and our lives should be centered on loving each other
  • Believes prayer is central to a relationship with God
For more about 13:34 visit the About Page.

Offering two different uplifting, spiritual
services in Baton Rouge.

If you are facing challenges in your life 
let us pray with and for you.

Never miss a service or worry about the CD's selling out - get yours first!

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